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Where employment is terminated as a consequence of serious misconduct that justifies dismissal without notice. When that contract ends, the employee simply moves to the work required for a different contract as the work for the previous contract is complete.

Fathers who are the primary carer of a child may also be entitled to unpaid parental leave under the NES. The delegates have been trained by the Union to offer a representative and advocacy role at such meetings. Find out how HR Assured can help you and your business.

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Local Government sector and the transition to the Commonwealth jurisdiction of small unincorporated businesses has not resulted in any significant change in the number of applications associated with enterprise agreements or unfair dismissal claims compared with last year.

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Replacement Employee: where an Employee is engaged for the purpose of replacing, either directly or indirectly, an Employee on leave, acting or seconded to duties away from their usual area of employment.

May involve the interpretation or application of policy which has an impact beyond the immediate work area.